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Esperance Speech Pathology

Speech Therapy in Esperance

Kath Guest Specializing in school aged speech, language and literacy difficulties.

We offer a range of speech and language therapy services throughout Esperance, Australia.

We treat:
  • Speech disorders/delays
  • Stuttering
  • Language delays/disorders
  • Literacy difficulties
  • Disabilities

The following approaches will be offered at our Esperance clinic including:
  1. Prompt based techniques to assist in articulator placement to promote clearer speech
  2. Hanen techniques to further develop expressive and receptive language. The parent will also be informed of these techniques to empower them to further develop thier child's language in the home environment
  3. Key word signing
  4. Alternative and augmentative communication techniques such as the Picture Exchange Communication System
  5. Music based therapy
  6. Implementation and development of 'social stories' to improve understanding and use of language in specific social situations .
  7. Access to boardmaker and softpics which are computer programs which generate specific pictures for social situations.
  8. Experience in a implementing multisensory literacy and speech program called "Lindamood" which is an excellent program for teaching speech and literacy through a multisensory modes for all ages.
  9. Experience in using 'Question maps' (Developed by Dolly Barghava) to develop comrpehension of appropriate behavior.
  10. Experience in implementing a program called "Visualizing and Verbalising" to further develop a students ability to creat visual images to assist with oral and written comprehension.

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